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Urban Arrow är otroligt populär i Holland och övriga Europa därför är det långa leveranstider. 

Vi har bokat upp leveranser av UA så det finns möjlighet att få en till sommaren. Kontakta oss för mer info. Vi skickar till hela Sverige.

Urban Arrow Family finns i butiken för provcykling

Urban Arrow Family

Say goodbye to the car

We thought of everything. We put our accessory range together by carefully listening to our riders. With the optional extra front bench, rain cover or maxi-cosi adapter you can tune your bike to match your family’s needs. Your bike will be so versatile that you might find yourself leaving that car in the driveway.

Safety first

No compromise. The lowered children’ seating position makes for an overall lower center of gravity. This has a positive effect on the way in which the Family adheres to the road. A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety during the ride. And the expanded polypropylene (EPP) box protects your most precious cargo all around. 

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